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“They are definitely the smoothest fins I’ve ever tried.”

Technician & Writer for ScubaLab. Commercial Diver & Instructor. 30+ years diving experience.

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Founded in 1997, Nature’s Wing has been the leader in creating and licensing technology for the Scuba and Snorkel industries.

Our patented Split-Fin™ technology, with its unique and distinctive twin blades, represented the first major break-through in fin design in over 50 years. Since their introductions fins utilizing our Split-Fin™ technology have won awards for performance year after year.

Licensed Split-fins have been distributed to over 100 countries worldwide to specialty dive shops, cruise ships and mass retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and Dick’s Sporting Goods in every major international market.

Over the last twenty years, Nature’s Wing® has also successfully represented inventors and secured profitable licensing deals for their innovative and patented inventions.

Licensed Products

Nature’s Wing invented, patented and licensed its award winning Split-Fin™ technology. Partnerships with our licensees, including virtually every major Scuba, Snorkel and Swim manufacturer worldwide, have produced scores of best-selling and award winning products. Split-Fin™ technology set a new standard for design and performance.

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